A.G.M. 28th August and New Committee for 2012-13

At The Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 28th August the following were elected to the committee:

President: Hazel McFarlane        Vice-President: Graeme McKenzie

Secretary: John McKinlay Treasurer: Ian McNee    Men’s Captain: George McGregor           Women’s Captain: Moira Connell

Membership Secretary: Gordon Dobbie

Committee: Mags Barbour  Kate McKean  Ruth Ramage  Nathalie Stevenson  Bruce Walker  Bill Gerrie  Niall MacPherson.

The president’s Annual Report (Web Version) can be viewed at:

RAW – Karen’s report

I had a good run, beating both Ian and Alex :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Tim had made a very good effort at marking the course and the buses etc were all well organised.
As always I started at the back, last place again passing through the first stile. Just plodded, stomach held out… no problems here at all. Gave my bumbag to a complete stranger around the 30 mile mark as it was really hurting my back :( such a nice gent , he got it back to me no problem :) great when people are happy to help you out.

Passed folks almost all the way along the course finally catching Ian coming into Auchencruive, then letting him go again as I stopped to speak to Bryan & Munro :) caught up with him and Alex about a mile further on. I was really struggling at this point, but they were worse 8-) cool.

The gel I took at Auchencruive started to kick in and I got a wee boost. Stuggled on towards Ayr, met Paul along the side of the school which was a good boost as he ran with me for a bit before I went on into Craigie to meet George, Anne & Caroline hollaring like mad things at the bridge :)

Plodded on along the riverside met Tim crossing the last bridge before the finish. I was actually feeling pretty no bad here and managed to up my pace to almost a wee bit faster than a shuffle :)

As always it was tremendous to see the finish and Muriel waving like crazy…
Recieved my medal and water and a hug from Muriel, could barely stand up and my legs seized so quickly I was hobbling within minutes :) Bobby had finished 10 mins in front of me and we waited on Ian & Alex finishing.. did I mention they were behind me?? hehehehe

Thank you everyone for all the support…it is very much appreciated :P

The End.. of the SUMS series, but I have one more in Oct in Wales… yessss :)

1,254 Miles – Mountain Marathon – Kevin Carr

So we think we are out for a long run! Have a read at this, I have to say I found it awesome.

Sit back and enjoy

RAW 2009

Striding Out

Striding Out

Check out the Gallery for more from RAW 2009. Cuurent photos are courtesy of Anne with any editor errors being mine. Further pics to follow

Tortoises in the Rain at Glasgow

A number of runners entered the Great Glasgow Run on Sunday. Check the forum to see how they fared as first reports suggest it was a bit slippy and there were an estimated 40,000 legs to trip over! I hope it was injury free for all our runners.

phew, what a scorcher!

phew, what a scorcher!

Hard to resist using a tabloid headline when the weather is so hot but that didn’t stop Mags Barbour completing the Edinburgh marathon in 4:14:42 in very difficult conditions.  Well done Mags!

the hills are alive…

…with the sound of gasping & panting as Alex Drain, Ian McNee and Tim Downie have scrambled up and down various hills in this year’s hill running championship.  Their most recent assault was on the slopes of Goatfell with Tim somehow getting to the top first but the bottom last.  Alex finished in 1:54:52, Ian in 1:57:03 and Tim in 2:02:10

london marathon successes

Four tortoises completed this year’s London Marathon on the 26th of April

Steve Vallance 3:48:55
Natalie Fleming 3:55:35
Kirsty McKinlay 4:47:01
Anita Johnson 5:22:56

Congratulations to them all.

the fling is flung

Five tortoises completed the Highland Fling race on the 25th of April, an ultra marathon over the first 53 miles of the West Highland Way from Milngavie to Tyndrum.  Bobby Miller lead in 10:48:52, Stan Bland was next in 11:59:03, then Alasdair Skeoch in 12:24:55, then Tim Downie in 12:40:26 and all followed by George McGregor in 13:34:55.  An excellent showing in an ultra distance race from such a small club!

24th Troon 10K 6th May 09

was a wild night in Troon for the 24th Troon 10K but that didn’t stop Shettleston Harriers scoring a 1-2 with Tsega Tewelde in first place (30:45) and Amanuel Woldeselassie in second place (30:47).  David Phee (Giffnock North) followed up in a time of 32:04.   First lady was Toni McIntosh of Ayr Seaforth in 36:05, Kara Tait (Kilmarnock Harriers) in second (39:04) and Emma Birnie (Bellahouston Road Runners) in third(39:54) .

David Phee | Amanuel Woldeselassie |Tsega Tewelde |Toni McIntosh | Kara Tait | Emma Birnie

Results Excel file Web page

Kenneth Phillips pictures here

Well done to all who braved the elements.

Sandy honoured with life membership of Scottish Athletics

At the ScottishAthletics Annual Awards Dinner held in the Marriott Hotel Glasgow on Saturday November 22nd, Sandy Robertson a member of Troon Tortoises AC received Hon. Life Membership for services to athletics.

Sandy joined Edinburgh Southern Harriers in the 1950’s and was a very good Cross Country runner becoming East District Champion on several occasions. Sandy won silver medal at the Scottish 3 Mile Track Championship at Meadowbank in `1957. His time was 14mins 16.8secs. The winner was AJ Wood Aberdeen in a time of 14mins 16.4secs. Sandy still remembers how close it was and how all of ESH was cheering him on. On moving to Troon he started several jogging groups and through his Grade 1 coaching abilities encouraged many to undertake the running of the first Glasgow Marathon. He served on the Cross Country Union before the amalgamation with the Women’s Cross Country Union.

He was the convenor of the Road Running and Cross Country Commission for three years and was on the organising Committee for the European Cross Country Championships in Edinburgh in 2003.  He is a Starter and was a member of the course building team which set out the courses for the World Cross Country Championships held in March of this year in Edinburgh. Paula Radcliffe, guest of honour, presented Sandy with his award – and a kiss – which put the icing on the cake!


In my news round up last week I somehow completely forgot to mention Anne’s tremendous performance in the New York marathon where she came through the crowds in an excellent time of 3:48:58.  Not quite a PB but given that it’s a crowded and hilly course, a great performance.   She looks like the happiest lady in NY and there are more great photos of her here.  I wish I could look so happy when running so close to my PB!

more news updates

Quite a lot of things to catch up with so this’ll be a bit long.  Firstly, a huge (and belated) congratulation to Hazel who completed her first half marathon (with Anne’s help) in Jedburgh in a time of 2:02:35.  Better than my first half marathon by over 10 minutes!  A fantastic achievement.

The week before the Loch Ness marathon Tim had a potter over the hills in the Two Breweries hill race, a tough 18 miler between Traquair House and Broughton brewery.  Happy enough with his time of 4:29:29.  Despite vowing never to do it again at the time, he has a strong suspicion he’ll be back.

Following the Loch Ness marathon the was the October club 5k time trial. Bobby Miller was the first Tortoise home followed by Alex Drain in 21:58 and Kenny Fowler  in 22:06 (a PB).  Hazel and Alistair Kennedy also recorded PBs.

Bobby Miller 19:55
Alex Drain 21:58
Kenny Fowler 22:06 PB
George MacGregor 22:20
George Malone 26:14
Hazel MacFarlane 26:32 PB
Anne Nobel 26:32
Alistair Kirkcaldy 28:33 PB

On the 12 of October, Stan Bland ran in the Pentland Skyline hill race (a great race for anyone who has ever wondered “How many hills are too many?”) and finished in a creditable 4:09:55.

On the same day, three ladies from the club braved the chill winds to take part in the Ayrshire XC relay championships in Irvine finishing fourth out of the ladies teams. Anne Noble 18:22, Karen Robertson 21:18 and Mhairi Shaw 22:59.  Well done to the ladies for putting in an a appearance and putting the men to shame!

On the 27th of October Alasdair Skeoch ran the Dublin marathon in a time of 3:42:51 and ran negative splits too so well done Alasdair.

On the 4th of November it was time for another 5K time trial and there several more PBs. Kenneth Fowler was first Tortoise home and improved his time again to 21:11 (PB).  Stephanie, our visitor from Ayr also ran a PB as did Hazel who had an excellent run and knocked over a minute off of her time Well done to all runners.

Kenneth Fowler 21:11 (PB)
Alex Drain 21:50
Ian McNee 22:28
Steve Burnside 22:49
Bill Young 23:14
Babs Dawson 23:20
Robert Gray 23:47
Steph 24:00 (PB)
Dave Bolton 24:39
Hazel McFarlane 25:28 (PB)
George McGregor 25:28
George Malone 25:51
Karen McCabe 25:57
Alistair Kirkcaldy 28:14
Fiona Grant 30:08
Debbie Stewart 33:01

Lastly, it was the Kilmarnock XC race in Dean Park on Sunday and three tortoises ran in this one.  This time is was the men who turned up.  Alex Drain was first in in a time of 46:43, Tim was second in 47:13 and Owen settled for two laps finishing with Alex.

more photos from today.

A selection of photographs taken before, during and after the race may be viewed here.

The Fergie McDonald Memorial Run

A huge thank you to everyone who braved the elements for the run today. Over 100 people turned out to celebrate Fergie’s life in one way or another and £981 was collected for Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.  The weather could have been a lot kinder but as yesterday’s weather showed, it could have been a lot worse too!  Many people entered the spirit of the event by dressing colourfully as can be seen in the photographs below.

More photographs and details will be uploaded later .

Once again, a huge thank you to all who turned out to run or help with this event.