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phew, what a scorcher!

phew, what a scorcher!

Hard to resist using a tabloid headline when the weather is so hot but that didn’t stop Mags Barbour completing the Edinburgh marathon in 4:14:42 in very difficult conditions.  Well done Mags!

the hills are alive…

…with the sound of gasping & panting as Alex Drain, Ian McNee and Tim Downie have scrambled up and down various hills in this year’s hill running championship.  Their most recent assault was on the slopes of Goatfell with Tim somehow getting to the top first but the bottom last.  Alex finished in 1:54:52, Ian in 1:57:03 and Tim in 2:02:10

london marathon successes

Four tortoises completed this year’s London Marathon on the 26th of April

Steve Vallance 3:48:55
Natalie Fleming 3:55:35
Kirsty McKinlay 4:47:01
Anita Johnson 5:22:56

Congratulations to them all.

the fling is flung

Five tortoises completed the Highland Fling race on the 25th of April, an ultra marathon over the first 53 miles of the West Highland Way from Milngavie to Tyndrum.  Bobby Miller lead in 10:48:52, Stan Bland was next in 11:59:03, then Alasdair Skeoch in 12:24:55, then Tim Downie in 12:40:26 and all followed by George McGregor in 13:34:55.  An excellent showing in an ultra distance race from such a small club!