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Xmas bash prize winners

West Districts Cross Country

The intrepid girls

Doc, Grumpy, Dopey, Happy, Bashfull.  Wonder where the other 2 are?

Ian shows that he is a bad loser

Other photos – copy and paste them into your address bar.

Xmas Handicap (reprise)

Yes, Anita was top Tortoise with Anne and Natalie not far behind.

The gents were well out with Paul being closest.  Even had I given Tim a full minute credit for wearing the santa suit, it wouldn’t have won him anything :)

The wooden spoon was taken by Alastair but it has to be added that his performance represented the best improvement of all.

Moira took the biscuit (well.. Cadbury’s Double Decker) for guessing correctly that Anita was the winner.

All results on the Results Page (amazingly enough) as well as the Forum.

Xmas Handicap

20 Tortoises contested the annual Xmas handicap ‘race’.

As usual, all runners estimated their time and recorded it on an envelope into which he/she deposited their watch.

The idea is that the winner will be the runner who completes the 4k in a time that is the closest to that that he/she has recorded (it’s a bit more complicated than that due to differences being taken as a percentage of the estimate – but you get the idea)

The first person back was Ian McNee – but did he win?

I can reveal that the winner was close but that no one was spot on.  There is also a wooden spoon which I’d love to hand over to Ian.

This entry will be edited next weekend with the outcome (as a clue to the winner – It wasn’t me!).