Goatfell Hill Race – Alex Drain

Goatfell – the report

A great day for it said Mike as we travelled over on the boat. But then he was marshalling rather than running. 8-)

A steady drizzle with a slight breeze indicated that Mike was right and we could be in for a good one. The usual suspects were mostly there: Roddy, Al, Davie and Andrew from Killie, John, Colin, Tommy, Ian, Robert and Finlay from Irvine and of course, Nat from Girvan. :)

The first mile and a half are on flat tarmac and whilst this is fine on the way out, it’s never welcome as far as I’m concerned on the way back. Having negotiated the road I got onto the climby bit. Unlike last week I found it pretty hard going on the way up and was passed by loads of people. I think I may even have been passed by someone’s granny! It’s a long slog but someone’s got to do it and one good thing was that the mist had covered the hill and visibility was very poor so I couldn’t see just how far everyone else was ahead. I’d hoped to keep in touch with Finlay but he pulled out a lead of at least a hundred yards long before the top. :-[

Rounding the top I threw caution to the wind, cried havoc and lets slips the dogs of war (rather old mutts in actual fact). This must figure as one of my better descents. I passed runner after runner and soon lost count. I reached Finlay and flew past. I reached Roddy and left him for dead. I even got to Davie Mitchell and roared past him too. Controlled falling. Gravitational management. OOPS! Pain control. Yes, second week in a row I take a flyer. Goatfell, for those of you who’ve never had the pleasure, is made up of a very crumbly rock that manifests itself as grit (or skin destroyer as the initiated know it). Another pair of gloves lacerated, some more skin from my forearm and bruises ontop of those that had gone before. Ah well, c’est la vie as George would say. Get up, hope everything’s in one piece and race for home. :'(

I continued my successful downhill and gathered more places. But then the flat road section, oh how I hate flat road sections. They’re only a wee bit worse than uphilly road sections. I took to my wading through treacle style and was soon passed by a couple of folk I’d flown past earlier. In fact, had that road section been a ½ mile longer, Rod would have caught me. :-/

Knackered but happy I finished the race in 50th pos out of 85. I’d managed to stay ahead of Finlay, Rod and Davie. Colin, Tommy and Nat were the local heroes but the overall winner by a LONG way was Brian Marshall of Haddington & East Lothian Pacesetters (HELP). Smashing showers, reasonable grub and piss poor tea ended the event. Then off to the pub and a pint of the black stuff. :D

No wonder Arran is known the length and breadth of the universe. A wonderful place to spend time in and don’t forget, according to David Icke, when the world ends Arran will be the one place saved! ;)

Next up, Saughhill Race, Girvan on Sunday 1st June. This is a short wee race that forms part of the Lowland Gathering. Very much a party atmos and well worth attending. Try to get there, you’ll love it.

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