Kilmarnock 10k report – Tim Downie

Either this course is getting hillier or I’m getting older. ;)

Whichever it is, a strong headwind for the first 3K as we headed out (clockwise this time) didn’t help times and I think everyone struggled to a greater or lesser degree.

Four totoises turned up to add to the small field of around 80 runners (can’t think where everyone else might be on such a lovely evening). Myself, Bruce, Alasdair and Ian arrived to try and frighten Kerry & Robert (Gilroy) but neither of them looked too intimidated by our presence. ;D

Somehow I found myself as lead tortoise chasing Findlay from Irvine. For the first three kilometers he was never more that 10 yards or so ahead but after that, he stretched his lead out and I had to accept that I wasn’t going to catch him. Not that I really expected to but in such asmall field it helps to have someone to chase.

Our unofficial finishing times were:

Tim – 44:03
Ian – 44:45
Alasdair – 47:28
Bruce – 47:45

I think our times reflect the strength of the wind and our declining speed! ;D

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