Vienna Marathon – Karen’s report

Vey warm very flat and well orgainised. Only downside that I found was the website being in German, only the front page would change to english so I couldn’t find out about the route, race times etc until I got my info pack the day before, and even finding the expo was difficult. Also 28 euros for your chip, 25 given back to you on return of the chip after the race.

Had a couple of pre race mishaps.. as you do, no pins for my number, emergency sewing kit in the hotel, soon had it stitched on, then disaster, no sports bra..

Set off Sunday morning in my uncomfy underwired number, which is now completely ruined by the pot of vasaline I had rubbed on. The race start was busy as it was also the start for the half marathon and relay.
My race went well with nothing out the ordinary for 16 or 17 miles, went through half way in 2hrs 10 my plan being to do a steady 26 miles. Got an awful stitch around the 16 mark and had to walk (this wasn’t in the plan) and the wheels just came off from then on, only managed another 2 miles comfortably. I was quite surprised at how bad I felt in such a short space of time. The rest of the run I was practically just hanging on, finshing in 4:38. Not the even steady pace I had hoped for.
Although it was very warm I didn’t feel it to be that much of a problem, plenty water and showers on the route.
Ran with my camelbak on, trying to get used to it for the Devil, finished with an open wound on my shoulder where it had been rubbing against the bra strap
mental note .. wear sports bras and T shirts in future :)

Not my fastest marathon, but a nice scenic course through parks over bridges etc, classical music being played out all over the route too running on motorways for miles, plenty cross over points for spectators to jump on the underground and get round the route to cheer.

Now back to upping the mileage and finding a way of not hitting that blasted wall !!

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