Irvine 5 mile RR (Alasdair)

Four fully fledged, and one honarary Tortoise (Caroline) were at the start line for last nights Irvine 5 Miler – well Fergie managed to go to two start lines!

Not a huge field and perhaps a few less than last year started at 7:30pm and before the start I suspected this would not be a classic for me – no contacts, no watch and very heavy legs from the weekend.

Straight away I realised I was in trouble – I was beside Ian McNee and just behind Bobby – not a good place for me at all!

Clear but windy evening and the wind always seemed to be blowing in our face. The field quickly spread out and I spent the race running on my own. Realised early on this was not a fast one for me, but surprised I was only 1 minute behind last years time. Finished 35:13 with very heavy legs.

Bobby had a great race with 2nd V over 50 in a time of 29.46 and although I did not catch the time or the name of the runner, seemed to be a new course record last night. Ian is also flying at the moment and finished in 32.12.  Fergie would have been around the 37 mark I reckon.

Must do better in Arran at the weekend.

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